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Premium No Spill Baby Bowl (Set Of 3)

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This Will Let Your Baby Eat Without Doing Any Mess!

This No-Spill Baby Bowl will aide your kid to learn on how to eat by themselves without creating too much mess in your home. It has a strong suction feature wherein it will not roll or tumble. 

This will help them to develop their minds in learning and adapting to changes at young age without you being tired from cleaning too much mess. 

Baby-friendly materials that you'll be assured it is safe to be used by your precious kid.


  • Develop Your Kids Thinking - This tool will help them to learn and think in a good and faster way.
  • Prevents Mess - Allowing them to eat on their own might create a mess but with this tool it will never be.
  • Strong Suction Feature - It is assured to prevent the food bowl to tumble or roll.
  • Kid-friendly Materials - You're assured that materials that are used with this are not harmful to your precious kids.