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Handmade Flashlight Gloves

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Save time and enjoy having no hasslewhile your in dark areas with our Handmade Flashlight Gloves. Use these gloves while you’re cycling on the road, hiking in the mountains, running during the night or even fishing late. They’re a convenient fix to having nicely lit area if you don’t have spare hands to hold a normal flashlight.


  • Lightweight and comfortable mesh.
  • Flashlight gloves are the ideal solution for a well lit area when your hands are occupied.
  • Perfect for Fisherman, Electricians, Runners, Hikers, Campers and Plumbers.
  • Suitable for all hand sizes, big or small!

Have you ever found yourself needing a “third hand” to hold a flashlight or a torch? No need for a “third hand” just use our Handmade Flashlight Gloves,they’re a convenient fix! The combination of a comfy glove and a handy light is what fuels the design to turn a dark area into a well lit area without any extra hands.