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Premium Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

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Save time and don't stress about your dog's dirty paws dirtying your house with our uniquely designed Premium Portable Dog Paw Cleaner! The cleaner effectively and very quickly will take your dog's paw from dirty to squeaky clean. The soft bristles ensure your dog won't be hurt and kept safe during the clean! Best of all, it's suitable for all dog breeds, big or small!


  • Hands-free Cleaning -  You don’t have to touch whatever is on your dog's paws with your own hands. Keep your hands bacteria free as well as your dogs!
  • Very Portable - Keep the Paw Cleaner in your car for quick trips to the dog park, weekend road trips, camping, hiking, running and other doggy adventures.

We have all been there; Your dog has been to the park or creek and they've had the time of their life which is great, but their white paws have turned black! Uh-Oh! No worries, our convenient portable paw cleaner can save the day! It's as easy as slipping your dog's paw inside the tube and giving it a whirl for just 5 seconds