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Premium Retractable Pet Dog Leash With LED Light

  • AUTOMATIC RETRACTABLE DOG LEAD: Walking your dog is about to become even more pleasant, thanks to the Dolce Pet large dog leash! The cord of the unisex dog leash automatically expands and retracts while you walk or run with your dog.
  • THE PERFECT TRAINING DOG LEASH: Above the handle of the heavy duty dog leash there is a brake and lock button that allows you to stop the cord from moving. This provides you with optimal control when you train your dog and when you go for a walk.
  • THE MOST PRACTICAL DOG LEAD: Do you enjoy late night walks with your dog? This walking dog leash has a LED light, so that you can walk with ease and complete safety! The dog lead also has a small case to keep your waste bags within easy reach!
  • IDEAL FOR SMALL AND MEDIUM DOGS: It doesn’t matter if you have a Golden Retriever, a medium-sized Poodle, or a small Pug! This tangle-free retracting dog leash is unbelievably durable and it can withstand the strength of all dog breeds!
  • THE SAFEST PURCHASE: We have backed up the retractable pet lead with a 90-day money back guarantee. If you or you’re your adorable puppy are not happy with the adjustable dog leash, you can return it for a full refund!