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2 In 1 Hair Twist Straightening and Curling

Discover new style with Our 2 In 1 Hair Twist Straightening & Curling. Stylish and healthy hair is all in one device and give you salon finish every time. Glamorous looking helps you find confidence and be more elegant. The iron was conceptualized to make travel and everyday styling easier and faster by combining many different size curling irons with a straightener The result is an iron that can curl or straighten hair from an inch in length on. Utilizing the theory of where hair cools is where it stays, the iron heats the hair between titanium plates for a faster heat transfer, and then cools on the rounded shape of the iron. This heat transfer process is also what makes thecurls last longer than hair curled with a traditional iron.

360-degree rotatable wire
Heat body: PTC
Titanium aluminum plate
Suitable for all kinds of long hair
Global voltage: 110-240v
45w-65w, 50hz-60hz
How To Use: