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3 in 1 Monitor (Cholesterol-Glucose-URIC ACID) Complete Set Includes Lancing Device and Lancets


This multi-function monitor includes cholesterol meter with test strip, uric acid meter, cholesterol meter & blood glucose meter. This device automatically recognizes the inserted strip while testing. It offers higher precision, faster reflection and and more accuracy.

3 In 1 Multifunction Cholesterol Uric Acid Blood Glucose Meter Monitoring System Diabetes Gout Device


  • Built with auto-strip recognition function
  • Easy to use, auto power on when inserting strip.
  • Proven accuracy by serious researches. Please follow carefully the instructions for accurate results.
  • Test time: 20 seconds for glucose and uric acid, 60 seconds for cholesterol
  • Calibration curve: Automatic select by code
  • Service life of the analyzer: More than five years. Please properly use and maintain to increase the service life.
  • Power: Two pieces of AAA battery
  • Test temperature: 10-35℃