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360 Degree Electric Toothbrush Vibrating Automatic Sonic Oral Cleaning

Our U shaped Electronic Toothbrush will free your hands when brushing your teeth and improve your living efficiency.

Memory storage, The Electric Toothbrush will memorize the user’s accustomed mode and Toothbrush automatically starts from the last used mode in the last time.

Quality,terilizes and disinfects the oral cavity, effectively removes dental calculus, dental plaque, and makes the oral cavity fresh and healthy.

Waterproof, it has all-around IPX7 waterproof seal design, which is durable and wearable.

Wireless charging, charging for 90 minutes for one week, it is really energy saving and environmentally friendly.

Cleaning, This Brush uses magnetic suspension motor, which has strong cleaning power, removes double plaque and cares for healthy teeth. When using automatic mouth-containing toothbrush, shaking the toothbrush up and down and left and right can help to clean the tooth surface and interior better

Massage Gum massage, smash the pigment in the deep parts of the teeth, quickly clean the stains, effectively remove tartar and plaque, promote blood circulation of the gums, reduce periodontal disease.

AI automatic memory function, the usual mode of intelligent memory user, it will automatically start from the last modes. 


  • Infrared activation function: massage your gum and improve the blood circulation of oral cavity and reducing periodontitis Risk.
  • Wireless charging: less than 60 minutes per charge, can be used for more than 2 week, really energy saving and environmental protection.
  • AI automatic memory function: the usual mode of intelligent memory user, it will automatically start from the last modes.
  • 360°automatically cleaning: 30 seconds quickly Whitening & Cleaning, 3 times cleanness than normal toothbrush.
  • World’s Leading Cold Light cleansing whitening 2 in 1 Automatic Electronic Toothbrush.
  • Emancipate your hands: U type single mouthpiece design, so you brush your teeth to liberate your hands, improves the efficiency of your life. 
  • Wireless Charging: Less than 90 minutes a charge, can be used for more than 1 week, truly energy saving and environmental protection. 
  • AI Automatic Memory Function: The intelligent memory user's customary mode, it will start from last modes automatically.


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