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3D Galaxy Bulbs


It's like having the power to turn on a thousand stars at will.

Capture the majesty of entire galaxies with the LED Galaxy Bulbs. With these bulbs, you're not only illuminating a dark room, you are making art as you create an ambience that's out of this world.

The stunningly beautiful display is perfect for an exciting night light but it also works well as a decorative piece for gatherings at night. They're especially nice home accessories in festivities such as Christmas, New Year and other such events.

The 3D designs on these bulbs work great for creating a party mood.

Set up a few of these colourful bulbs to impress your guests with a visually unforgettable experience. You're going to receive praises and bewildered amazement at just how mesmerizing the lights are.

The bulbs emit multicoloured light shooting in every direction emulating breathtaking fireworks, an awesome supernova or a vast galaxy in all its colourful glory.

Average Life: Up to 30,000 hours

Voltage: 90-260v (4-6W)
A60 Bulb: 60*110mm (2.5 * 4.3 Inches)
ST64 Bulb: 60*130mm (2.5 * 5.1 Inches)
G80 Bulb: 80*120mm (3.2 * 4.72 Inches)
G95 Bulb: 95*135mm (3.8 * 5.3 Inches)
G125 Bulb: 125*150mm (5.0 * 6.0 Inches)

Contact us for bulk pricing over 20 units.