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4 in 1 Hairdressing Hot Air Paddle Negative Ion Curling Rod with Hair Dryer Function


  • Our advantages: curly hair, comb, dry hair, a machine multi-use, 4-in-one style wind cylinder.

  • Large roll comb and small roll comb: suitable for curly hair styling, large roll for short hair, small roll stick for medium long hair.

  • Large flat comb and small comb: used for combing hair, large comb for thicker hair, small comb for less hair volume.

  • Two-gear wind, free switching: According to the need for a key selection, dry hair styling two do not delay.

  • Drainage design, more plastic hair care: the drainage of the dispersion of heat, so that each hair evenly heated, do not damage the hair, but also make the curl more obvious, more fluffy feeling.