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Amazing Magnetic Magic Pen Toy



When you're on your office working, it just takes a few long hours until you get stressed and when this happens, we tend to lose creativity and motivation when working… I know I do. It's normal!

The one sure way to prevent this is to relieve your stress right away and I have the perfect way to do it WHILE you're actually working! I present to you, the Amazing Magnetic Magic Pen Toy!


It's not only a pen, it's made with high strength magnets that you can shape, bend, and form into any which way you want! Sky's the limit! Relieve your boredom and stress right in your office with the Amazing Magnetic Magic Pen Toy


  • Easy to assemble, we give you step-by-step instructions to get you started right away

  • The pen is made with high quality materials to ensure that you get a smooth experience

  • You can easily refill or change the ink, set it up again and you're ready to go!

  • Shape the magnets into whatever you like! It even promotes creativity right off the package!

  • You can use it as a stylus pen too!