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Best 3D Printing Pen For Kids Children

Your kids will have the most fun EVER with this new 3D Printing Pen Toy! It will keep them entertained for hours on hours!

Creating 3D models, doodling or drawing interesting things. It can help kids & adults to achieve their Imagination. Make them be true.

PCL filament supported, Fits For 1.75mm PCL/ABS/PLA filament, you can paint anything you like without material limited.

Patented Nozzle, High-security promise, Kids & adult can use this 3D doodling pen safely with no burn risks, no clog.

Adjustable speed lets you regulate speed & flow for optimal control of material while you're drawing with our 3D printing pen. 

Easy to Use & Safe for Kids, Simply plug-in, heat up and extrude! Great for beginners and experienced artists/ 3D printing enthusiasts! Auto Shut-off & Auto Sleep Function, safe for kids.

Pack of 12 Different Colors, Each color 10 Feet. Compared to ABS, the PLA Filament is a more eco-friendly, Melting is non-toxic, odorless, Please do not use other manufacturers’ consumables, so as not to cause incompatibility.

Much safer, it comes with 2 finger protectors to cover your thumb and index finger to avoid hurting during use. Since the tip of the pen will become hot while the pen’s working, its required children should use this pen under adult’s supervision.



  • BRING YOUR CREATIONS TO LIFE - This unique printing pen allows you to create multi-dimensional, physical objects. With 22 different colors and 220 feet of PLA filament, included,Tri-color Filament Let your imagination loose and enhance the visual details of your drawings.
  • ULTIMATE SPEED AND TEMPERATURE CONTROL - The large LCD screen comes with 6-speed, temperature and material control for unmatched precision when creating your 3D figures. Easily change the pace and heat your filament comes out of the pen to prevent 3D printing mistakes!
  • DEVELOPMENTAL & EDUCATIONAL - Children will be able to practice fine motor skills with this engaging and fun tool. Under parent supervision, kids will master artistic abilities and learn the innovative printing ways of the future.
  • AUTOMATIC SUSPENSION - The pen will go off after two minutes of inactivity, saving you filament and prevent it from clogging. Unlike other 3D printing pens that can burn your hand, this one-of-a-kind product has a built-in chilling fan.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT - This all-in-one 3D printing pen is guaranteed to be the perfect party favor, birthday, Christmas, or holiday gift. Give your friends, parents, children, grandchildren, or little loved ones that fun, everyday craft toy that they will love so much!

3d printing pen

3d printing pen

3d printing pen


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