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Best Car Battery Portable Jump Starter Power Pack

Don't get stranded with a flat battery when you're at home or on a road trip.

The SafeStart™ Portable Car Starter is a quick start portable emergency power bank can be used for to jump-start your car while you're at home, camping, fishing, hiking or even to recharge your phone or tablet devices. It's the ideal device to have in your car for emergencies and especially when going out for long road trips. This sturdy power bank, a LED flashlight, and a car jump starter allows for you to easily deal with all kinds of emergencies. It features a powerful 12,000 mAh battery with 600 amp peak output, meaning it can jump-start your car several times in a single charge and can keep your phone and tablet charged for hours.

It also contains an emergency flashlight with adjustable SOS for emergency situations. 

In addition to your car, you can use it to jump start your motorbike, lawn mower, boat, and most other devices that rely on a battery to operate. It weighs only 230 grams which makes it suitable to carry in your bag or your car.

The SafeStart™ Portable Car Starter allows for you to easily deal with all kinds of emergencies as they arise.


  • Battery capacity: 12,000 mAh
  • Peak current: 600A
  • Weight: 340 grams
  • Dimension: 165 x 79 x 40mm