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Best Wood Burning Pyrography Pen Machine For Kids

Our Wood Burning Pyrography Pen Machine For Kids can make such beautiful creations and entertain the family and kids for hours! It is truly amazing to see the wonderful drawings they design on wood!

Our wood Burning pen Having many functions like soldering & wood burning & leather cutting, this soldering/wood burning kit with multiple tips and many helpful accessories are very convenient and user-friendly for your soldering/burning projects.

Heat up Quickly & Efficiency, Our wood burner with inner-heated ceramic technology heats up very fast and steel-pipe with four ventilation holes has better heat dissipation than others. Adjustable Temperature from 200~450℃, high- temperature resistance.

Easy to change, with a converter, you can change tips easily, which will change the soldering/burning tips to be your useful tools to create different patterns. Inspiring tremendous hands-on potential only by our soldering iron wood burning kit!

Multi-function, Wood Burning pen allows you to create a variety of designs as well as an image transferring, stencil cutting, leather cutting, soldering, paper crafting, hot stamping, and fabric embossing. It can be used easily for all skill levels including wood burning beginners and experts.

Leather Craft & Cutting, You can use this kit for leather text production, personalize your leather bag belts and more, just as easy as using on a wooden board.


  • Using the latest anti-static design, double-sided board
  • Imported heating element with large power, rapid heating, you can de-solder after in for 1 min.
  • Heating faster, thermostat circuit and high stability
  • Design with temperature adjustable range:200-450°c
  • The Soldering iron tip compatibility with 900M series.
  • Energy-efficient, power consumption 70% lower than an ordinary soldering iron, which is more energy conservation and environment protection.
  • The handle with high-temperature resistance silicon tube, comfortable feel and high safety
  • Anti-twist on the tail line to further improve safety.

wood burning pen

wood burning pen

wood burning pen


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