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Bluetooth Key Finder Tracker To Find My Lost Keys

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Lost your keys? Who hasn't! With our Bluetooth Key Finder you will NEVER have to worry again about stumbling around for your keys!

Our key finder with modern and beautiful design, the receiver is very tiny. If you attach it in your purse or key, it will not take up space. The base can be installed on the wall or the door; also can be placed on the table. And its wireless range is up to 98ft in an open, no-obstruction space. If there are some blocks like columns, walls, the range will be narrowed down to 82 ft. or less. And the Loud beep sound is up to 80DB+.

Multi-function, Attach the receives to any items and simply press the number buttons to locate them. Easy to use and operate. Notice: The MWAY key finder only is provided by first more.

2 ways to Alarm, There are 2 ways to help you find the items. When you press the button, the receiver will beep and flash a red light to locate the items easily.

Save Your Time, Life is busy. People may temporarily amnesia, especially the elder and children are easier to forget things. It is hard to look for the thing what you have lost immediately. But if you have a key finder, only need to press the button, you can find the lost according to the sound and red light. Key finer make your life become intelligent and help you solve the small trouble in work or life.

Easy to install, Detachable transmitter bracket, not only can purr it on the desktop, but also can be n MULTITASK MANAGEMENT. The key finder (receivers) can be attached to the key, mobile phone, wallet, and luggage, etc. almost all the important items. It’s feasible and practical in personal life and work.


  • Transmitter with 6 buttons and each button can pair with multiple receivers
  • A range of up to 98 ft.
  • Loud beep up to 80 dB
  • Frequency:433.92MHz
  • The Receiver measures 2 x 1.3 inches and weighs only 0.35 ounces.
  • Housing material: ABS

key finder

key finder

key finder


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