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Bluetooth MP3 Player Walkman


Bluetooth MP3 Player Walkman

Bluetooth MP3 player devices might be next to your smartphone if you're an absolute music lover. The Bluetooth MP3 Player Walkman delivers excellent sound quality to satisfy your audio cravings. Here's a device that brings so much more than music.

The Total Features

The Bluetooth MP3 player has a sleek, black design that makes it look professional and stylish. All controls operate by touch-screen which is convenient because there are no buttons to press nor break accidentally. For someone who loves music so much, the quality of sound must also be crystal clear and gives the HiFi quality anytime and anywhere. Look forward to storing all of your favorite music and more because of its 8 GB built-in memory along with a TF card support up to a maximum 128 GB. You may have a separate Bluetooth headset and speaker that will connect to the device so you can share your favorite music with your friends anytime. Why not even play your favorite song and sync the lyrics on its screen. You can also enjoy music and videos in different formats using this Bluetooth MP3 player.

Long-Lasting Music Enjoyment

Enjoy the longevity of this device with 60 hours of music play time. Not only can you listen to music but you may also enjoy other features like voice recording, FM radio, eBook and alarm clock. There are a few things you can enjoy wherever you are. Read a favorite eBook and not miss out on a good story. Play your preferred songs while hanging out with family or friends. You can even play it aloud through its speaker. Why not listen to the radio and support your favorite artists wherever you are and request for them on a favorite station. This MP3 player is your guide to entertainment no matter where you go.