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Body Fat Analyzer Monitor BMI Meter Weight Loss Calculator

Balance your daily diet by finding out your body fat percentage with Body Fat Analyzer Monitor BMI Meter Weight Loss Calculator.
Digital LCD Body Fat And Health Analyzer
Predict your health condition by monitoring your increase or decrease size of fat. Just hold the device and enter your height, weight, age, and gender. Then, the device will measure and calculate your BMI, and display body figures on its LCD screen. You can now achieve the goals of being healthy, fit and pretty.

Health Monitor - Body Fat Analyzer Monitor BMI Meter Weight Loss Tester Calculator


  • It can store 9-person-profile memory
  • Built with large LCD screen for the user to easily read the result
  • Display correct result in 6 seconds
  • Wireless, handheld, lightweight, portable, easy to carry and use.
  • Personal profile set-up and memory makes monitoring automatic
  • Measures your body fat percentage, BMI, body shape and basic metabolism
  • After inputting your personal data, a measurement can be started by simply holding the grip electrodes and pressing the start button.
  • Each member of your family or team can track the success of their individual exercise routines.
  • Body shape is categorized into: emaciated, standard, hide corpulent, muscle corpulent and corpulent.
  • It comes with auto shut-down function.
  • Not only a recommended household instrument, but also a perfect gift for relatives and friends.
  • Body Fat Percentage is calculated by the five data in the formula that are height, weight, age, gender and the resistance value between 2 palms.

Track Weight, BMI & Body Fat In A Few Seconds

  • For the special groups, such as athletes and pregnant women, the body fat percentage and BMI cannot reflect the obesity correctly.
  • Power supply: 2 x AAA batteries (not included).