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Portable Car Vehicle Battery Booster Charger

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Are you looking for a car battery charger?

Then this is the one for you, this is an automatically car battery charger which can charging the battery based on battery's condition! It uses the MCU controller for save & fast charging service for your battery!

Constant current mode, when the voltage of the battery is lower than the value set by the charger, the charger will work under the constant current mode and supply the constant current for the battery.

Constant voltage mode, using the pulse width modulation (PWM) tech to control the charging current and output voltage of the charger which ensures the battery is fully charged and avoids overcharging.

Floating charge mode, When the voltage of the battery is approaching the value of the constant voltage mode, and the current will cut down to the given current gradually, that means the battery power is full, then the pilot lamp will turn green and the fan will stop working.

Multi-function, The charger will turn the mode into floating charge mode automatically. At this moment, the battery can be stopped charging or keep on floating charge for half an hour.



  • Six protection: over current protection, short circuit protection, reverse connection protection, over temperature protection, over voltage protection, low voltage protection
  • Silent cooling fan: greatly extend the life of the charger with an aluminum radiator
  • Anti-freeze pure copper soft core wire and full wrapped alligator clip; cold and frost resistant and universal wide voltage.
  • Intelligent digital display: display data automatic carousel, can display temperature/current/ voltage / power
  • Simple operation: precise control of the CPU, intelligent charging, no need of adjustment, automatic charging when the battery is plugged in
  • Red clip to fix battery positive (+)
  • Black clip to fix battery negative (1)
  • Pure copper high-frequency transformer: powerful power and fast charging
  • Detection voltage and power: Connect the battery without plugging in the power; it can display the battery residual voltage. Keep track of your battery status and see if you need to charge.
  • One-button repair for activating the battery: using high and low-frequency pulse repair technology, for the under voltage battery, the battery that has been idle for a long time and the battery that is not charged, which has a good repair and activation effect.
  • Winter and summer mode, voltage sub-charge: the charger automatically detects the outdoor temperature, automatically starts the winter and summer mode; automatically selects the appropriate charging voltage according to the temperature without adjustment.



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