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Car Spy - Real Time GPS Car Tracker



While we generally trust in the best throughout everyday life, once in a while awful things occur. Having your vehicle stolen will leave you disappointed, upset and, much of the time, lacking choices. 

Luckily, the Car Spy - Real Time GPS Car Tracker is a small but powerful device that can undoubtedly have the effect between a vehicle lost perpetually and a fast recuperation. As it is a GPS tracker it tends to be utilized in the vehicle, transport, taxi, and a lot more vehicles, it's appropriate for most vehicles.

  • The tracker works in any country: 
    It's been already tested in the majority of countries by our customers
  • No added costs for tracking: 
    Tracking is free. You just need to have the cheapest SIM card
  • Installation guide included in the package: 
    To activate tracking, you'll need to do 4 simple steps
  • Built-in switching power supply: 
    Wide voltage input range (9-36V), suitable for all cars and bikes

The tracking device for vehicles lets you track your business vehicles in just a second. Use the key features of GPS tracking devices such as time specification, parking alerts and much more all contained in just one device for your safety.



  • Suitable for the majority of vehicles
  • Real-time tracking, show location information automatically (you get instructions and location information via SMS, can query on Google map)
  • LED indicators - show working status at any time
  • Supports web, SMS and Google map link
  • Need platform registration (Android/IOS APP, web/WAP)
  • Password needed - To protect your privacy
  • GPS tracker is easy to install, it supports hidden and open installation. 
  • Built-in switching power supply, wide voltage input range (suitable for all cars), plug and work.
Easy installation: 
  1. Install the SIM card 
  2. The tracker must be facing with transmitter side up.
  3. After installing the tracker, check your phone if it's connected.
  4. To test the tracker, make a call then after 5 seconds, you will receive a text message having the URL of the car's location.


The device does not come with a SIM card - just buy SIM card, open a location service and it's ready to work.
The way of query locating information - SMS or computer.
If the query in GPS blind areas like underground parking or dense forest, the tracker will report to your target's last positioning information, there is no problem with the product itself.