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Ceiling Wall Projection Alarm Clock Projects Time

With a glance at your ceiling or wall you can INSTANTLY see the time and temperature!

Get ready to wake up every day with the time projected on your wall or ceiling with the super cool LCD Projection Alarm Clock. This alarm clock is a great gift for yourself or for your friends.

Multi-function digital LCD temperature voice LED projection alarm clock. Switchable temperature display of 12/24 hours with Fahrenheit / Celsius switching. Adds 24 hours a day of the notified temperature, supports 15 hours of intelligent voice newspaper at the temperature, supports a musical alarm, repeating function supports 10-minute intervals.

Projection Function, the project lens can move forwards or backwards, 180 degrees adjustable projecting angle so that the time will always be in your view.

Project Time ,This projection digital alarm clock can project time onto the wall or ceiling and allow you to project clear and big number onto wall/ceiling; you can see the time without twisting around clock to see when you are lying in bed.

Easy to Shut the Alarm off, Simple and intuitive for operating the clock without annoying repeat press.


  • Set time: when the hour flashes, you can press UP or DOWN to set the hour, use the same way to set the minute.
  • Set the alarm: Press this mode 2 times to check the alarm time, press and hold the mode for 3 seconds to enter the alarm setting mode. You can press UP or DOWN to set the hour and use the same method to set the minute.
  • Set calendar: press the mode to view calendar, press and hold mode for 3 seconds to enter calendar setting mode. When the year flashes, you can press UP or DOWN to set the year. Use the same method to set the month and date.
  • Alarm On / off: press to turn on or turn off alarm, alarm (on / off) and snooze functions.
    Equipped with projection: When you wake up, you can easily check the time from the wall or ceiling.
  • Large digital colored LCD: you can easily and clearly read the time anywhere in the entire house.
    Indoor temperature and humidity measurements: weather and humidity can be predicted from data, press maximum / minimum to maximum temperature and humidity records, and press maximum / minimum again to check minimum temperature and humidity records.

projection alarm clockprojection alarm clock


projection alarm clock


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