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Eye Vision Color Blind Deficiency Glasses

Are you looking for Color Blind glasses?

Then this is the one for you, Corrects Red Green blindness, best results can be expected for mild to moderate people, our color-blind glasses can effectively improve the patient's color vision and improve color resolution.

Distinguishing red and green colors, the brain achieves the effect of distinguishing red and green colors by analyzing and comparing the chromatic aberration of the objects seen by both eyes.

See more vivid scenes, After wearing it, you can see more vivid scenes and feel like putting filters on the glasses, best results obtained in brighter environments and please also allow 20 minutes for eyes to adjust to the glasses.

Clever optical filters, Color-blind sunglasses, which filter the overlapping parts of the spectrum seen by red-green blinds through clever optical filters, change the spectral components, thus enabling color blinds to improve color resolution. The lens has a special coating that filters out the light that reaches the wearer's eyes. Ordinary sunglasses filter out light at every wavelength in the spectrum, while color-blind glasses only filter light in a specific band, making the color



  • Paragraph number: Y368
  • Frame material: High quality PC
  • Total Width: 136 mm
  • Lens Width: 53 mm
  • Lens Height:33 mm
  • Nose Bridge: 17 mm
  • Leg Length: 135 mm
  • weight:28.6g
  • Material: Plastic Frame with HD Lenses


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