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Color Changing LED Shower Head ( No Battery / No Electricity Needed )



Enjoy a new shower experience with our new Color Changing LED Shower Head. Perfect for people who loves to party even in their bath, this item produces LED lights that reflect onto the water as it falls down making it look like your bathing with neon lights! Yet another innovative use of hydropower technology, this device doesnt need battery nor electricity.


  • LED color: red/green/blue
  • This item changes its colour by detecting water temperature
  • Materials: ABS
  • Chrome polished
  • No battery required. Water Powered
  • Connection interface diameter: 19mm
  • Shower Nozzle diameter: 80mm
  • Easy to install
  • Complete with hot and cold water hoses.

How does it work?

If water flows down, the LED light instantly and automatically
When water temperature is not more than 32degrees C, it will light green. if the water temperature is between 33 degrees C - 42 C, it will light blue
If the water temperature is between 42 degrees C - 45 degrees C, it will light red.