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Cozy Car Heating Blanket


It's perfect for traveling in your car, truck or RV and for roadside emergencies.

Never worry about being cold and uncomfortable when you're driving in the cold again with the Cozy Car Heating Blanket. This car adaptable electric blanket is able to be used in any car, new or old. It will keep anyone in the car warm, regardless of where they are sitting thanks to the long cord.


CAR ADAPTABLE- Driving in the winter can be cold and uncomfortable until your car heats up, which can take a long time. Skip the warming period with this car adaptable electric heating blanket. Simply plug the blanket into any cigarette lighter socket that comes with every car and warm up right away.

LONG CORD- Warm up everyone in the car no matter where they are sitting. Children in the back seat can use this blanket to warm up on cold drives to school.

EASILY STORED- Unlike typical electric heated blankets that have large and bulky wire inside, this portable blanket has the thin wire that still gives off warm and comfortable heat. This blanket is able to fold easily so it can be stored in a car trunk or in the back seat without taking up too much space.

Cozy Car Heating Blanket

Package Includes:

1 x Cozy Car Heating Blanket