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Dog Wooly Snuffle Mat Washable Rug

Our Dog Wooly Snuffle Mat will entertain and distract your dog while you're out of the house running errands. Never again have to worry about returning to your house with a mess everywhere, our washable rug will provide the ultimate fix!

Our snuffle mat is not only a feeding mat for dogs, but also a great puzzle toy to cause a dog’s curiosity and stimulate the dog’s play interest, encouraging natural foraging skills.

Snuffle mat nose work blanket puts your dog’s nose and brain to work by mimicking the hunt for food in nature, great for release pressure.

Quality, Handmade materials, eco-friendly and durable.

Multi-function, Pets can play alone while you are out! Easy carry on handles, Great for indoor and outdoor activity for your pets.

Splice design, you can splice multiple nose work blanket together and satisfy the needs of size.

Quality, Made of anti-pilling polar fleece material, very firm and can avoid being torn apart.

Very easy to clean, both hand wash and machine washable, but please notice to roll up the mat before putting in the washing machine.

Machine Washable, made of cloth, durable for use and free of maintenance. 


  • Dog Snuffle Mat: Strengthen your dog's sense of smell.
  • Improves Foraging Skills: Stimulate your dog's nose and brain to work by imitating the hunt for food in nature.
  • Great Playing Mat: fun-to-use design, super soft to the touch.
  • Machine Washable: made of cloth, durable for use and free of maintenance.
  • Perfect for All Breeds: all dogs or any other animals at any age can find pleasure in it.

snuffle mat

snuffle mat

snuffle mat



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