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Easy Breastfeeding Adjustable Pillow


If you are breastfeeding, the process can be overwhelming, as well as a bit tricky. Our Easy Breastfeeding Nursing Pillow has been designed by nursing moms for nursing moms. It can be used to nurse your babies either you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

But first, why do you need a breastfeeding pillow? A nursing pillow helps in supporting the newborn's delicate head and neck by keeping baby propped to the breast. Also, a tiny baby becomes surprisingly heavy to hold in the same position for an extended time so nursing pillows also take the weight off your arms and back!


Here are more reasons why you need to get this for yourself or for a nursing mother you know:

  • Our nursing pillow has a butterfly design to elevate your little one to breast height for improved latching. Three adjustable heights allow you to achieve the optimum nursing angle for your baby. Designed such that it ensures your baby doesn't roll off or slide while feeding. It promotes comfortable positioning for mom while maintaining a proper feeding angle for the baby.
  • This breastfeeding pillow is made with the high-quality material and will not irritate baby's sensitive skin. It enables the natural breastfeeding bond between mom and baby. The wide curve design allows this adjustable nursing pillow to be used by moms of any body type.
  • The adjustable nursing pillow supports a variety of nursing positions including cross-cradle or football positions. It supports upright nursing positions, so great option for little ones with acid reflux or GERD.
  • You can use Easy Breastfeeding Nursing Pillow for newborn to up to 2 years old or any comfortable age.Overall comfortable line design for correction of child posture, promote baby bone development and correct baby feeding position.
  • This amazing breastfeeding pillow can be hand-washed and it's also machine washable. It's lightweight and compact. You can fold the pillow in half and secure with the ribbon for storage. Storage straps allow sanitary folding storage and convenient to carry out for travel.

What are you waiting for?! With our Easy Breastfeeding Nursing Pillow, effortlessly lift your baby up to the right height so you don't have to throw your posture off or hurt your back while feeding.Order right away!