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Electric Heated Hair Straightening Brush Comb

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Our Electric Hair Straightening Brush will halve the time you usually spend on doing your hair! With the smartly designed two in one feature, you can comb and straighten your hair together!

Our Hair Strengthening Brush is an electric hair straightener brush mainly of daily care, it will help you detangle your hair and make your hair naturally straight. With this one step Hair strengthening brush help your hair rejuvenate and moisturize whilst avoiding dryness. Enjoy lustrous hair without spending a small fortune at the hairdresser’s or for styling treatments!

User-friendly, every detail is specifically designed for more efficient hair straightening styling process. And all the buttons are well positioned. Auto Button lock prevents wrong button pressing. Double click Power Button to unlock..

Multi-function, Finish the hair straightening job in Operation without Pulling Your Hair With well-designed structure and materials, Straightening brush never pulls your hair at all, Giving you fast and smooth hair styling experience.

Engaging Brush, Firmly Attached Heat Insulation Tips Made by Heat resistant Rigid Plastic, never fall off nor pull your hair, and it also prevents people get burnt.

Full from Features, Functioning anti-static, anti-scald and anti-hair broken, the Straightening Comb efficiently helps to solve hair knotting, reduce pain and hair broken, repair the hair quality of harm. Negative ions help to detangle and massage your hair. It’s normal to hear sizzling sounds since the ionic generator is working.

Easy to Style, Hair Strengthening Brush save your time and money by letting you do your own professional-level styling at home or in travel.


  • Ergonomic and safe grip handle
  • Reduce frizzing and Detangling
  • Easy control
  • Flexible
  • Heating time /  optimal styling time : 30 seconds
  • *Color: Purple/Red/White/Pink/Black

hair straightener brush

hair straightener brush

hair straightener brush


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