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Electric Screw Driver

Benefits - What's in it for you?


✅ DUAL POWER EFFICIENCY - The automatic and manual operation design ensures high working efficiency. You can use the power of your hands while using the automatic mode to speed up the whirling rate from 100r/m to 150r/m speeding up the process.


✅ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - Able to work through multiple tasks including screwing, drilling, and threading matching ALL kinds of repairing demands. Extremely handy for repairing smartphones, tablets, kids toys, home appliances, drones, and other electronics.

 EFFORTLESS EXPERIENCE - Dual Torque 0.12/3N.m working mode, you can now work the tightest and tiniest screws with the simple press of a button.

 IMPROVE WORK EFFICIENCY - The electric saves your labor and improves your productivity at a much quicker pace than using a regular screwdriver.

✅ NEVER WORRY ABOUT LOSING SCREWS - The magnetic bit heads are equipped with a magnetic board firmly holds the screws providing guidance and ensuring that the screws do not get lost or misplaced.

✅ PORTABLE - The Electric Screwdriver is a slim tube, just like a pen. The delicate material design and specialize processing provides an improved touching sense

✅ EXTENDED LIFE SPAN - ultra precision flexible circuit design ensures a long life span and the 2 x AAA dry cell battery (not included in the package) can accommodate driving works of up to 8 hours continuously.