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Electrical Muscle Stimulator

Are You looking for Muscle Stimulator ?

Then this is the one for you, use it for just 20 minutes daily, effective results in 45 days, and your muscles are changing every day. It tones, tightens, strengthens your body muscle, you can gain a better figure after consecutive use. 

Electrical Muscle Stimulator uses in real people

Designed with you in mind - the 6 Pack Trainer is wireless, and boast a sleek profile, making it perfect for use at home, in the office, or on the go! The only way to have a decent workout is using high-quality machines and workout plans. With the Electrical Muscle Stimulator, you will experience nothing but the best that a stimulation device can give. Safe and easy to use all you have to do is place the Electrical Muscle Stimulator on your abdominal area and follow the instruction manual to operate the high output controller.

Quality - To Begin Use Simply Apply The Gel Pads To Your Abs, Then Turn to Desired Intensity Level. Please read the Instructions before use, Tailored to fit the Contours of Your Abdomen To Stimulate All Your Major Stomach Muscles While Being Easy To Use.

User-friendly - Wear it while you carry on with your daily tasks, or simply while you sit back and relax. Once you find the best mode and settings for you, this will become a routine exercise that helps transform your body and the way you live life.



  • Firms, Tones, Strengthens and Tightens Muscles.
  • Electromagnetic pulses help firm and define your core with strengthening muscle contractions.
  • Easy push-button operation with 6 modes. 
  • Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) Technology.
  • 1 times a day, every 30 minutes of training Exercise your tight muscles. 
  • Using the original training pulse with the frequency of specific current.
  • Design the training method of effective exercise muscles.






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