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Eravino 5-Piece Decanter Set (Globe)

Top-shelf drinks deserve a top-shelf presentation, and there's no better way to serve up your spirits than with this decanter set. 100 percent handmade and fashioned from lead-free crystal glass, this decanter set is the perfect conversation starter when you have guests over for drinks. You'll get a gorgeous globe-shaped decanter, four bar glasses, and a wooden stand to tie your presentation together. Peer inside the globe, and you'll also find a hand-blown ship that emerges from your wine or liquor whenever you fix a drink! 

  • Turn your spirits into works of art w/ the globe-shaped decanter
  • Watch your spirit's waves crash against the glass ship as you pour
  • Serve drinks to your guests w/ 4 included bar glasses
  • Enjoy your favorite beverages inside 100% lead-free crystal glassware


  • Style: globe
  • 100% handmade
  • 100% lead-free crystal glass
  • Globe capacity: 850ml of liquid
  • Fitted glass stopper


  • Globe decanter
  • 4 Cups
  • Stand