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Floating Globe

Add a Modern Touch To Your Home or Office With This Amazing Floating Globe

The Perfect Combination of Technology, Art, and Knowledge.


This modern magnetic floating globe is a fascinating decoration for your home, room, or office. It's also great for the classrooms of school teachers. People will be astonished when they see it suspended in midair. In addition, it will inspire the learning of children by helping them recognize various countries.

How it Works

The gadget contains an electromagnet and a magnetic field sensor. The base contains a microprocessor and the electronic control components that make it levitate.


  • Electronically controlled magnetic system
  • Ideal decoration for any room
  • Easy to install
  • Beautiful design

Visible at night.

Built-in LED light around the internal frame ensures viewing at night. It emits enough light to brighten up the room. It is eye catching and a great conversation starter.