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Futuristic Laser Keyboard

This is the coolest keyboard ever! Every gamer will agree.

Recognition speed can reach 350 characters per minute. The surface is flatter, the sensitivity is higher.

You can pair it with cellphone or tablet via Bluetooth, it's compatible with IOS 4/5/6 and Android 3.1 or above. It is a portable Bluetooth wireless virtual keyboard.

The keyboard is projected by laser. It is cool when you type on the flat surface but without a true keyboard, only red-light beam.

Wireless keyboard free you from the restriction of tangled wires, the connection speed is fast and the signal is stable.

USB power charging; battery can work around 120 minutes after full charge.




  • Interface Type: USB, Bluetooth, Bluetooth/USB
  • Type: Virtual Keyboard
  • Connect way: Bluetooth HID

        For just $59.99 enjoy the coolest keyboard ever!

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