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Handheld Digital Microscope Usb Plugable 1000x Coin

It’s a different world when you get to see the microscopic view under your nose. This 1000x Magnifying Microscopic Camera gives you a preview of the amazing images that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

  • Microscopic Power:  It boasts 1000x zoom, 1080p quality, and the 2MP camera allows you to view full HD images and videos. The 8 built-in Led Light ensures clear and bright images every time. It also has dynamic sensors that ensure stable images are captured clearly.
  • Light & Portable: You can easily bring this anywhere, anytime you want as it weighs only 81 grams! Use it when you’re at home or on your next adventure and explore the different textures and images.
  • Compatibility: Windows PC, Mac PC, and Android Smartphones (NOT for IOS) will be able to easily enjoy this camera without hassle. The Microsoft Camera App can be used too and allow taking photos and videos without drivers or installers needed.
  • Ease of Use: The camera can be used instantly with a simple plug of USB. Inspect different objects for educational or medical purposes, check for hair or skin impurities, plant dissection, textile inspection, electronics close up and even for jewelry inspection!
  • One-click Snap: Use either the snap button on the side of the camera or click on the mouse when using the computer.
  • Stability: The microscopic camera comes with an adjustable stand for better inspection and stable viewing.

Start your new discoveries and enjoy precision viewing on this digital and portable 1000x Magnifying Microscopic Camera.

digital microscope

digital microscope

digital microscope


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