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Handmade Baby Bib With Built-In Teether (4 Bibs Included)

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Imagine having no hassle and keeping your baby in peace and happiness while they go through teething. Usually most parents dread this time during their baby’s life, but dread no more with our Handmade Baby Bib With A Built-In Teether. It will save you hours of stress, and improve your babies unwanted pain so they keep a smile on their little face!


  • Super Soft Absorptive Bib – No more worries when your little one drools, no more having it fall to the floor, no need for an extra thing to attach to him/her, just put on a bib!
  • Built in Teether – This is super convenient; The attached teether is close by so they can soothe their gums on the attached teether.
  • Cool Patterns – Your baby will be looking cool and you’ll be known as the coolest parents ever!

Mum’s & Dad’s, are you tired of your baby drooling everywhere because of their sore gums from teething? It’s okay, it’s normal but there is a convenient and easy fix to fixing the issue! Our Handmade Baby Bib With A Built-In Teetherboth helps your child’s teething issues go away and the super soft absorbent bib will catch any drool that comes from their mouth! Press “Buy It Now” to add this to your order before our discount ends!