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Indoor Grow Tent Kit Complete Setup Packages

Our Indoor Grow Tent Kit is one of the best because of the reflective materials used while constructing the tent. It is the complete package for anyone attempting to start a hydroponic indoor garden!

Grow tent blocks all light from escaping and is lined with 98%-reflective Mylar to boost the output efficiency of any grow tent setup.

Stands sturdy, the top-quality canvas is tear proof and double stitched for perfect light blocking; the canvas is supported by strong metal poles that are specially finished for a smooth installation.

Attention to details little is more annoying than a low-quality zipper, so we've gone to great lengths to ensure our heavy-duty metal zipper is the best on the market.

Easy observation of your plants, don’t throw out your backchecking on your plants! Our easy-access door unzips smoothly, and the observation window makes it easy to peek inside.

Fast installation, Grow tent is easy to install even if you've never done something like this before: no tools needed!


  • Easy-view Window: Allows you to easily monitor the daily growth of your plants
  • Inner Tool Organizer: Convenient storage for your tools and grow accessories
  • Removable Floor Tray: Makes cleaning easy
  • Tool-free Connector: Stable construction in just a few minutes
  • Dual-layer Ventilation Fan Opening: Inner layer seals tight around a ventilation fan
  • Heavy Duty SBS Zippers: Zippers that don't get stuck

grow tent

grow tent

grow tent


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