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Instant Translator Earbuds Waterproof

Do you love traveling but don't feel confident in communication? 

The Instant Translator Earbuds are an Innovative, Fun, and Quintessential device that enables you to communicate in over 30+ Languages!

ALL Supported Languages are interchangeable. Replies can be understood with a simple change to the settings!

Whether you're trying to get by in a new country or simply learning a new language, this will be your go-to device for all of your translation needs! 

Binaural translation headphones, more than 30 language translations, real-time translation, lock screen translation, three translation engine switching 

Grab Instant Translator Earbuds Waterproof today! 


Colores on the image may look different due to lighting angels


The two headphones can be connected to one mobile phone at the same time, or can be connected by a single earphone, which is equivalent to two independent translation headphones.


Double click to call siri.


Using high-performance 5.0 chip, data transmission is faster, stable music calls, farewell to Caton.


Intelligent noise reduction, effectively shielding the ambient noise and making the call clearer.


Product model: TW08

Bluetooth version: 5.0

Headphone capacity: 50 mAh

Storage box capacity: 500 mAh

Transmission distance: 10M

Headphone charging: about 30 minutes

Charging bin charging: about 4 hours

Call time: 6 hours

Play time: 3 hours


Style: In-Ear

Communication: Wireless

Connectors: None
Wireless Type: Bluetooth,WIFI,NFC
Vocalism Principle: Electrostatic
Control Button: Yes
Volume Control: Yes
Active Noise-Cancellation: Yes
Function: For Internet Bar,Monitor Headphone,for Video Game,Common Headphone,For Mobile Phone,For iPod,HiFi Headphone,Sport
Plug Type: Wireless
Waterproof: Yes
Support APP: Yes
Is wireless: Yes
With Microphone: Yes


Features: power display, voice control, call function, support music, multi-point connection, NFC function, binaural HD call, waterproof and sweatproof, Bluetooth 5.0 binaural translation, free 33 can only change language translation.

Anti-interference noise reduction microphone, clearer radio and more accurate recognition.

Lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Bluetooth 5.0, faster transfer, lower power consumption, and more stable signal.

Built-in 500 mAh lithium battery, charging for 30 minutes, continuous translation for 6 hours. 



Product function:
Power-on: when the earphone is removed from the box, it starts automatically.
TWS headset pairing: left and right headphones will be automatically paired after starting.
Mobile Phone Pairing: The headset will be paired with the most recently connected headset when it is power-on. If it is not connected successfully or has not been connected to the phone, it will go into a pairing state.
Power-off: the headphones will automatically power-off when you put them in the box.
Answer the phone: when there is a incoming call, double-click the earphone (left ear or right ear) can answer the phone.
Hang up the phone: when you are talking, double clicking the earphone (left ear or right ear) can hang up the phone.
Music Play: When the music pauses, there are two ways to continue playing music: 1, double-click the headset; 2, put the headset back into the ear.
Music pause: when Music is playing, there are two ways to pause music: 1, double-click headphones; 2, take the earphone out of the ear. Start charging: the headphones will automatically start charging in the storage box.
Start charging: the headphones will automatically start charging in the storage box.
Translation machine status switch: long press multi-function key to enter / exit translator status.
Translating function: Combining Bluetooth headset and mobile phone APP, translator function can be realized; Translating result voice playback function: Translator result can be released through charging box.
Clear Bluetooth Pairing: Put the left and right headphones into the box and then enter the translator mode. Press the multi-function key for four times continuously to clear the matching information of the left and right headphones.

Package Included:

1* Translation headset

1* Charging cable

1* Manual