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Invisible Electric Dog Fence

Are you looking for electric dog fence?

Then this is the one for you! Our electric dog fence Control range up to 984 Ft. You can use the remote control to set the area range and use it to accurately cover or exclude any area you want.

Invisible Electric Dog Fence pet house parts

Effective dog training: If your dog tries to cross the area you set or invades a space that he should not enter, the receiver collar will automatically start the warning tone and electrostatic shock mode so that your dog can be effectively trained to learn to stay away from the restricted area.

Safety protection design: When your dog leaves the border area, the collar will begin to beep and then shock from weak to strong. You can also stop the shock immediately by pressing the power button.

Outdoor dog fence: Suitable for dogs with neck sizes from 6 inches to 28 inches. One transmitter supports multi-collar receivers, 5 different distance transmitter signals. Rechargeable, waterproof.

Invisible Electric Dog Fence with collar labradors


  • Coverage Area Is 100% Customizable Up to 1.2 Acres 5,000 Sq. Ft. Simply Bury the Wire (Up To 1000 Feet Long) Around the Designated Area Along with the Included Perimeter Flags to Begin Training Your Dog.
  • Pet Collar Fits Dogs 8 Pounds and Up with Neck Sizes from 8 to 20 Inches (Small/Medium/Large/Extra Large Dogs). Each collar will vary slightly in sensitivity and the difference in range could be 6-12 inches but it will not affect how the system works.
  • Perform the "Short Loop Test" to determine if the transmitter needs to be replaced or if the boundary wire is broken.
  • Multiple Collar System Where 1 Transmitter Can Pair Up With Infinite Number of Receiver Collars.
  • Collar Receiver is Water Resistant and Rain proof. Receiver Delivers Safe Static Correction Shock Stimulation When Pet Strays Into Warning Zone.


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