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LED GPS Radar Detector

Are you looking for Radar Detector?

Then this is the one for you! Our Radar detector reduces false alerts from sources like collision avoidance systems so you hear only what you need to hear .Long range! In flat, open conditions the range is at least 2 miles.

LED GPS Radar Detector full view

Detects signals from both front and rear: With advanced Laser Eye sensor, You are protected from police scanning in front or behind you. Detects all Radar signals (x, back and ka bands with signal strength indication), Laser and vg-2 signals.

Voice alert: Digital voice announcements provide intuitive band identification and easy to understand alerts, so you can keep your eyes on the road.

Eye-catching OLED display: High quality display features band identification icons and numeric signal strength meter for an accurate and informed drive.

Instant-on ready: Quickly detects Radar Guns so you have fast speed monitoring capabilities ready to go at all times.

LED GPS Radar Detector top view


  • G-2 invisible
  • False alerts protection
  • Smooth Volume Control
  • 4  inch LED Display, DIM mode
  • Display brightness levels
  • Mute mode
  • Preloaded GPS data base




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