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Memory Foam Cooling pillow

Are you looking for Cooling Pillow?

Then this is the one for you! Our cooling pillow Memory Foam Bed Pillow with Cooling Gel can help reduce neck pain and back aches in the morning.

Memory Foam Cooling pillow gel

Quality: Made with open-cell viscosity memory foam that forms to your head and neck while you sleep.

Multi-function: Comes with a hypoallergenic pillow cover to fight off allergens, making it perfect for sensitive skin.

Pillow friendly: Choose from either the memory foam side or the cooling gel side to match your perfect level of comfort.

Memory Foam Cooling pillow orthopedic


  • Cooling Pillow with Cooling Gel can help reduce neck pain and back aches in the morning.
  • Made with open-cell viscosity memory foam that forms to your head and neck while you sleep.
  • Comes with a hypoallergenic pillow cover to fight off allergens, making it perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Choose from either the memory foam side or the cooling gel side to match your perfect level of comfort.



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