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Cool Car Refridgerator Fridge Mini, Portable, Blue

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Car Refridgerator | Car Fridge | Portable Fridge

Dual-mode temperature control
Equipped with refrigeration and heating functions, the temperature of the food can be controlled at any time to meet your needs.

Larger capacity
Designed with small size but large capacity, 7.5L large capacity, you do not have to worry about the space to store your stuff.

Thickened inner bladder
With the thickened inner bladder, our GBT - 3008 vehicular refrigerator is safe, hygienic, and odorless, which allows you to use it freely.

Car Refrigerator | Car Fridge | Portable Fridge

External three holes
There are three holes on the top of this fridge for putting cups or drinks, convenient and comfortable to use.
Removable shoulder strap
Provides a portable and flexible strap. And the strap is removable to meet your different needs easily.

Car Refrigerator | Car Fridge | Portable Fridge

Item Length: 35.00cm
Item Width: 21.00cm
Item Weight: 1.872kg
Item Volume: 7.5L
Voltage: 12V