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Mini Scuba Tank For Diving

Ever Wanted To Dive Into The Ocean & Experience Its Beauty?

The underwater world is something truly captivating and has a lot to offer. Most of us have visited the beach but very few actually get to see what is beneath the massive water body we see there. This Mini Scuba Tank will let you dive in the ocean and enjoy an experience of a lifetime! 

This Oxygen Cylinder is a lightweight and portable tank that you can conveniently attach to your scuba diving gear. This 0.5 Liter tank supplies Oxygen to you during your mini dive for up to 10 minutes! This time is enough to explore the wonderful world hidden underneath the oceans.

This high-grade aviation Aluminum Scuba Tank is filled up with any hand pump which is very easy to operate and can be used to refill it if you feel like going in for another dive. 

Our Mini Scuba Tank is engineered to perfection. The mouthpiece through which the user breathes is made of harmless Silicone material and the bite is designed ergonomically for the best comfort possible. The pressure relief valve is accompanied by an accurate gauge and adjuster so pressure can be monitored!


  • 0.5 L Tank supplies Oxygen for up to 10 minutes
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Aviation Aluminum material build
  • Easily refilled with any hand pump
  • Ergonomic Silicone mouthpiece for an easy fit
  • Pressure gauge & adjuster