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Nail Art Transfer Foils

Make your nails look amazingand beautiful while inside your own home!
With these DIY nail transfer foils, you'll not only save time from going to the shops to have your nails done but also the expensive cost of having them done in a salon or parlour. Imagine having the same look and effect but instead, you're in the privacy and comfort of your home. 




  • They are simpleand easy to use (perfect for beginners) and are perfect for getting a unique look without all the fuss and hassle.
  • Usually, you have to wait for your nails to dry, but our Nail Art Transfer Foils will dry instantly.
  • Best of all they are easily removable and you can change the foil to a new look in just a few minutes.


Directions To Use: 

  • Just apply foil adhesive to nail, apply foil backside down and peel. Add dust or rhinestones for a dramatic effect.

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