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Outdoor Mosquito Free Parachute Hammock


Outdoor Mosquito Free Parachute Hammock

Hang it on trees, poles or anything else sturdy. It's durable cool and perfect for travel, camping, hiking, beach, yard, park, porch, patio, indoor or anywhere else for that matter. Men, women and kids all love our hammocks. Mosquito Net Hammock is constructed of the same high-quality nylon, is also equipped with an insect net that will prevent even the smallest pests from disturbing your rest. Whether they be mosquitos, no-see-ums, ticks, gnats, sand flies, midges, or fleas, you can rest easy knowing that the Mosquito Net Hammock is protecting you from these pests. The best part is, when insects are not a concern, you can simply flip the mosquito hammock over and use it as a regular hammock! Also, in order to hang your hammock, wherever your travels may take you. 


Outdoor Mosquito Free Parachute Hammock

  • Easiest and most comfortable hammock
  • No uncomfortable pressure points or rope marks
  • Convenient carrying case doubles as an equipment pouch
  • Soft, breathable, quick drying material
  • Machine washable
  • Constructed of super strong nylon parachute


    • Approx 260cm*130cm(Splicing color)
    • Approx 260*140cm(single color)
    • Please allow 3-5cm error. thanks.

    Package including: 

    1* Hammock
    1* Mosquito net