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Portable Camping Stove Outdoor Camp Wood Burning

When camping always be prepared with our Portable Camping Stove. It helps to organise your fire wood fast and efficiently. 

Forget about spending money on propane. Our Portable Camping Stove uses wood, charcoal or solid biomass as fuel. Perfect cook stove for outdoor adventures or emergency situations.

Emergency Preparedness, One of the best emergency tools to have is a survival stove. No need to stock gas, propane or electricity when you have the Eco Zoom Versa. Use twigs, branches and leaves to cook a meal!

Energy efficient cooking, its rocket stove design funnels heat directly to the bottom of your cookware. This wood stove will cook an entire meal quickly and with minimal fuel.

Easy to start and portable, This camping stove only weighs 17lbs making it extremely portable to take on car camping, RV adventures or any outdoor activity off grid.

Eco friendly stove, this outdoor stove has an extremely efficient design meaning that you can generate up to 23,000 BTU with little fuel. As a result, CO emissions are reduced and you won’t get smoke in your face!

Outdoor Adventures, Portable and lightweight enough to carry with you while car camping, RV camping or on any outdoor adventure that needs a powerful camp stove.


  • Stainless steel construction guarantees.
  • Extreme durability as well as minimal weight.
  • Wide opening design for convenient adding wood and improving air flow, higher burning efficiency. 
  • Cross-stand stove creates a stable cooking platform for every pot size.
  • Easy to cook and cook a meal with unlimited fuels: wood, twigs, branches, leaves. 
  • Very easy to carry.  

camping stove

camping stove

camping stove


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