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Portable Door Jammer Lock-Security Device


Even in a relatively safe community, home invasions are a real problem. The scariest thing is that many burglaries don't happen in empty homes. There may be someone at home. Home security product like this Portable Door Jammer Lock-Security Devicedoesn't just keep your valuables safe. It can keep your family and loved ones safe from any danger by preventing burglars forced- entry into your homes.

DoorJammer is designed to fit most doors found in the hotel, hostels, and guest rooms as well as in the home. Offering additional privacy and security, DoorJammer just slots under a door, jamming it shut and secure. Its mechanism means that the more the intruder attempts to push and force entry, the more DoorJammer stubbornly stays in place. DoorJammer is easy to fit and can be quickly released by the occupant in the event of an emergency.

Whether you live in a house, apartment, duplex condominium or mobile home, you deserve to feel safe. It's a sad fact, a home intrusion is real and it happens every second of every day. Portable Door Jammer Lock-Security Device is an important security layer for protecting your home. They're particularly useful for protecting front door ‘forced' type entries, which are quite common. Door Jammers are essential for weak patio doors too, as these are usually the most vulnerable doors in a home.



Main Features:

  • This Portable DoorJammer is lighter, smaller, and stronger than ever, making you feel totally secure in your room.
  • Thanks to a patented system of hinges and angles, horizontal force exerted on the door from the outside is converted to a downward force, wedging the DoorJammer firmly into the ground.
  • It only takes just seconds to fit most doors and will prevent unwanted or forced entry immediately.
  • Should you need to remove DoorJammer in a hurry, simply pull the handle upward. It's designed to lift away from its locked position instantly without any fuss.
  • DoorJammer is ideal for business travelers, backpackers or holidaymakers who want guaranteed security in their room. Sleep easily in a hostel, dorm, guest room or hotel - or use it in classrooms, offices, and restrooms that do not have adequate locks.


Installation Instructions:





  1. 1 The lock is a portable door lock that installs and remove in seconds without any tools required.
  2. 2 The innovative system of hinges and angles anchor the firmly to floors when outside pressure is exerted on the door.
  3. 3 The adjustable foot, situated at the end of the hinged leg, allows the lock to be installed on any type of floor: flat or inclined.
  4. 4 The footpad, situated bellow adjustable foot allows the door lock to be installed on any type of surface: hardwood floor, carpet, tiles, linoleum, etc.
  5. 5 The portable lock is compact and will easily fit into any medium-sized bag, suitcase or backpack.
  6. 6 This revolutionary security device installs in seconds, creating a vertical force against outside pressure for peace of mind at home, the office and in hotel rooms
  7. 7 A great and useful gift for any occasion.




  • Color: Red
  • Size: Shown as the picture
  • Material: PP, Metal
  • Surface Finishing: Lacquered
  • Keys Included: No
  • Fit Door Thickness:35-50mm
  • Application: Bedroom



Package Includes:

  • 1  x  Portable lock
  • 1  x  Cloth bag




Why Buy This Product?

  • Portable Door Jammer Lock-Security Device is Suitable For:
  • Women Travelling Alone -- Whether on holiday or on business, a lone female traveler will appreciate having this great little personal safety gadget handy.  DoorJammer offers added assurance when staying in a hotel, apartment or hostel in unfamiliar surroundings.
  • Business Travellers -- Business Travellers can be confident that their valuables, including technology and information, are safe, even while they are asleep. DoorJammer helps to reduce unexpected interruptions during a meeting or important conference calls. ‘Do not disturb' signs are often forgotten or ignored, usually when the business traveler is suffering from jet lag and trying to catch up on much-needed sleep.
  • Students and Tenants -- Students on a Gap Year will often travel alone on unscheduled backpacking adventures. DoorJammer reassures these young travelers (and their parents back home), that they and their possessions will be safe and secure. No matter where their journeys might take them.
  • Tenants or students living in shared and rented accommodation may find DoorJammer handy for greater privacy (i.e. bedrooms and bathrooms doors without bolts or locks).
  • Families and Childminders -- DoorJammer also offers added reassurance for your family when on holiday in unfamiliar surroundings.  For parents or child-minders that need to keep children in the same room as them, then DoorJammer is also helpful. DoorJammer is the ‘early alert' to the occupant should someone unexpectedly attempt to enter the room.