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Portable Fetal Doppler

Have peace of mind during your pregnancy?

Do you believe that there is no amount of words can express the assurance and joy of hearing your baby's heartbeat for the first time?

Now, you don't need to wait for a doctor's appointment to hear your little one's heartbeat, all you need is a set of Stunor Portable Fetal Doppler! 

Stunor Portable Fetal Doppler and it's smartphone app will help you to do so anytime you want, just in the comfort of your home with Stunor Portable Fetal Doppler!

With this amazing device, this allows expectant parents to hear, check and monitor their baby's heart rate. What's another good about it? It can be shared with the whole family and friends through the use of social media via Facebook, Twitter or any social network that support video sharing also can be recorded so you can be replayed over and over again!

Perfect in hospital, clinic, and home for daily self-check by an expectant mother.

Stunor Portable Fetal Doppler provides:

  • Real-time monitoring the baby's heart rate and draw the curve
  • Easily count the fetal heart movement
  • Playback the recording anytime
  • Check the baby's heart dynamic/activity every week
  • Uploading the records to the cloud server for easier access and storage.


    • Handheld ultrasound
    • Reliable for home-use 
    • 100% Safe, lightweight, portable and easy to use!
    • Built-in speaker with volume control and clear sound, plus the socket for earphones.
    • Syncs with the Angelsounds App on your smartphone
    • Noise cancellation to reduction feature
    • Medical doppler sound wave
    • Professional data analysis