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Portable Fish Depth Finder Sonar Sounder

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Our Portable Fish Depth Finder is the ultimate solution to finding fish easily and hassle-free so you don't have to ever stand around guessing whether there is fish or not! Instantly know within moments!

Our Portable fish finder detects and displays water depth, approximate fish location, short and tall weeds, sand and rocks on the bottom. The portable design gives you another option to hang it around the neck.

Multi-function, It can be used for offshore fishing, kayak fishing, ice fishing, lake fishing, sea fishing and so on. You can also use it on the moving kayak with speed below 5mph.

User-friendly, the sonar sensor transducer detector range is in a 45-degree cone underwater. The detection of the depth range is from 3ft (1m) to 328ft (100m) below the sonar sensor. The water depth can be shown either in feet or meter. The transducer is with 25ft cable and removable transducer float. 

Rechargeable battery, with 5hours Running time on full charge. Waterproof, fish finder floats on water Displays water depth, water temperature, fish location and depth, and bottom contour or structure.

5-mode sensitivity options, battery mode, sensitivity mode, backlight mode, fish alarm mode, battery indication mode. Normally fishing depth supports 4 - 5 hours continuous working with long life battery. Open battery save mode can work even longer.


  • you can easily get the information about the depth and the condition of the sea,
  • fish depth scale and fish size distinguish,
  • water temperature,
  • Fish and depth alarm, etc.
  • Detect sensitivity: Lucky fish finder transducer controls how many details are shown on the display. You can set up the sensitivity from 1 to 10. The more sensitive it is, the more detailed it can detect.
  • Portable fish finder with clear screen
  • Neck strap
  • Wireless sonar sensor

portable fish finder

portable fish finder

portable fish finder


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