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Portable Mobile Camping Foldable Solar Panels

Our Foldable Solar Panels are the ultimate solution for on the go power when you're camping, hunting or traveling! They will provide instant electricity for all those emergency moments!

Our Portable solar fans battery charger with any USB powered device with 5V DC input voltage including Cell phone, smartphone, GPS, MP3 player.

Lightweight, it’s foldable, thinner and lighter than most books, you can take for Hiking, Climbing, and Camping etc., just need hanging on your bag

Easy to carry, half the weight of similar solar chargers but equal in power so you can bring it anywhere.

WeatherproofFoldable, rugged design, and weather resistant.

Charge smarter, Compatibility and fastest charging speed for your Apple, Android, Tablets, and USB Powered Devices, for charging laptops or other electronic devices directly from the solar panel.

Incredible Durable, Industrial-strength PET polymer faced solar panels sewn into a rugged polyester canvas offer weather-resistant outdoor durability.

Slim and Powerful, 1/3 lighter than the same power of solar silicon. The total power increased by 1/3 in compares with the same solar panel size; eye-holes enable easy attachment to backpacks while camping.

Fast Charging Technology, with built-in smart IC chip, each port intelligently identifies your device and seeks to maximize its charging speed 


  • Portable Design: More portable than any other 13w solar panel pack, its total weight is only 1.0lb, backside pouch holds your mobile phone and iPod Mini or other accessories inside perfectly. 
  • High Quality: Mon crystalline silicon panels produced by Sun Power Company guarantee its quality, it won't be broken even bent up to 40 degrees, and the stretchy Polyester canvas provides perfect protection for Mon crystalline silicon panels and circuit. 
  • Wide Compatibility: Since the output port is USB, it can be used to charge smartphones, tablets, and even accessories, or any other 5V devices. 
  • Easy to use: Unfold the Portable solar fans under DIRECT sunshine, connect your device to the USB port, and keep your device out of the sunshine to protect it. 

portable solar panels

portable solar panels

portable solar panels


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