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Portable Propane Gas Heater For Tent

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With our Portable Propane Gas Heater For Tents, you will NEVER get cold again while camping! It's the safest way to easily, quickly and effectively heat your tent up.

Changing the ordinary combustion flame into radiative heat energy.

Applicable to various stoves. In the cold season, outdoor activities, camping, fishing, and other heating use, the effect is good and it is easy to carry.

User-friendly, in the cold season, outdoor activities, camping, fishing, and other heating use, the effect is good and it is easy to carry.

Easy to Carry, Convenient to Use, Portable, Steady, Durable.

Portable gas heater for all outdoor activities, This is a convenient heater with creative design for outdoor use, connect a gas tank stove and the cover can change the flame to heat and get warm from the cover.

High efficient and low cost, the camping Heater has a stainless cylinder reflector which designed like a chimney, it is able to transfer heat to 360 degrees, and the chimney design can also avoid energy wasting.

Safe Patio warmer, No flame design, the burner is walled by the stainless lampshade and separated by the steel net, you won’t be heated even you accidentally hit the stove.

Easy to use, It fits to the most stove in the market with the holding joint, it helps the warmer cover stand on the stove stable. It comes with tweezers for you to pick up the cover after finishing their use.


  • 100% brand new and high quality. Adopting high-temperature resistant stainless steel, endurable and firm.
  • An ordinary burning flame is changed into radial heat energy. Widely use in combination of heating
  • Say goodbye to heavy, costly, polluting petrol fuels. It’s not safe for long transportation. Lightweight, easy and convenient to carry with you
  • Nature presents the best fuel catalog, with the abundance of twigs, leaves, grasses, wood or other biomass as perfect kindling. You can usually find it everywhere for free. No matter whether you are camping, backpacking, traveling, etc.
  • Also can work with solidified alcohol tablets or other solid fuel, so you could carry a couple of those if you want to, just in case that the weather might be rainy so you could have a hard time looking for dry enough wood.

tent heater

tent heatertent heater


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