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Premium Detangling Hair Brush

Stop​ ​​damaging your hair while brushing your hair and enjoy a​ pain-free and fuss-free experience while your brushing your hair or your child’s hair, with our​
Premium Detangling Hair Brush. Use this brush while you are brushing your hair, and make your hair soft, shiny and silky. They’re a convenient​​ fix to prevent further damage to be done to your hair and allows you to brush your hair without pain.


  • Pain and Fuss Free
  • Healthier Hair - Minimizes breakage, split ends & hair loss!
  • Suitable for use on both wet or dry hair.
  • Perfect for people who brush their hair regularly on a consistent basis.

Have you ever found hair strands dropping around you when you are brushing your hair? Stop your hair from dropping while you are brushing, just use our ​Premium Detangling Hair Brush, they’re a convenient​​ solution! Inspired to help ​prevent​​ further hair damage done by brushing, and to provide a​ pain and fuss-free​​ hair brushing experience, we have came up with the design, to make hair brushing for you or your child a whole new experience.