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Premium Garden Gloves With Fingertips Claws

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Save time and money while gardening and instead of using multiple types of tools to plant and dig, just use our Premium Garden Gloves With Fingertips Claws. They're very convenient and designed with a smart combination of glove and shovel. 


  • 3 In 1 Tool - Dig, Plant & Keep Your Hands Safe.
  • Waterproof - Keep your hands dry and safe from any harmful bacteria or creatures in the garden!
  • Cut Resistant - Made with tough materials to ensure accidents that occur don't get you hurt and you remain safe.
  • Perfect for pruning, weeding and planting seeds.

Have you ever imagined how helpful and time saving a tool like this would be? We have! Now there's no need for having multiple tools, the power lays within your hands. Just like most of our customers, you will save money and have no additional expenses for tools like shovels or weed killers. Click the "Buy It Now" button to make your purchase today.