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Premium Solo Soccer Trainer

Save​​ time and ​enjoy having no hassle​​ while your working to improve your game alone with our ​Premium Solo Soccer Trainer. Use the soccer trainer while you are trying to master ball control, or practise passing, or just playing, even if you are alone. They’re a ​convenient​​ fix to having efficient practice since you don't have to spend time chasing after the ball.


  • Convenient and Easy To Use - Setup in less than 30 seconds! 
  • Top Grade Adjustable Cord - Stretches up to 18 ft for long distance shooting!
  • Perfect for soccer fanatics and soccer players.
  • Durable Tethered Waistband - Saves Time and Brings The Ball Back Itself.
  • Suitable for all ball sizes! 

Have you ever found yourself having to to chase after the ball while your training or playing soccer on your own? Forget the chase and just use our ​Premium Solo Soccer Trainer, they’re a convenient fix! Helping people to train more efficiently and saving you the trouble to chase after the ball​ is what fuelled our design to make independent soccer training much easier, and more convenient.